About the EIC


The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinic represents micro-entrepreneurs, technology entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, artists, authors, filmmakers and musicians, who may be individuals or for-profit businesses in the Greater Boston area who are in need of transactional legal counsel related to starting or operating their business.  We advise on issues in a variety of substantive areas, such as:  


  • Advising about entity choice and assisting with corporate formation

  • Answering employment questions

  • Assisting with the registration of trademarks and advising on other intellectual property issues

  • Drafting and negotiating agreements such as leases and other contract agreements

  • Advising on relevant regulatory and licensing issues


Generally, the Clinic’s services are best suited to clients who have spent time developing a business plan for their venture and have clear ideas about their goals for the venture and their plans for achieving them.

The EIC does not provide counsel on litigation, patents, complex tax matters, securities, public mergers or acquisitions, or international trade.

To request services from the EIC contact our Intake Coordinator at 617-552-0248 or complete the application form below.

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EIC Supervising Attorney: Sandy Tarrant

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